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Business in OshawaTop
A Great Canadian Industry and its Founder
by Milton Bergey (1920)
A brief history of the McLaughlin Carriage Co. Limited
Handbook of Oshawa
Including many short histories and photos of local businesses, this booklet was intended for newcomers to the city.
Motor Sparks
Volume 1, No. 27, of this General Motors of Canada publication. Includes interesting glimpses into the running of the plant as well as social notes and safety reminders.
Motor Sparks
Issued following the death of Robert McLaughlin. Contains an overview of the history of the McLaughlin Carriage Company.
Oshawa: The Industrial City
Business and Professional Buyers' Guide. Contains the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of manufacturing, business, and professional interests in Oshawa.
A Tribute to Those Who Have Been in the Service of General Motors for 10 Years and Upward
Includes reminiscences of longtime employees and a listing of all employees with more than 10 years of service.
Wire Fence Company – Private Letter to Shareholders
Clubs and AssociationsTop
The Boy Scouts, District of Oshawa, Annual Report
Highlights activities throughout the year, and includes committee reports on initiatives, such as Camp Samac and the Ladies' Auxiliary as well as lists of names of those involved.
Education in OshawaTop
Acta Ludi
Part yearbook containing information on the staff and students of Oshawa Collegiate and Vocational Institute (OCVI), and part literary magazine showcasing the talents of students.
Bishop Bethune College: A Church Boarding and Day School for Girls
Backed by the Church of England, the College was incorporated in 1889 as a private school for girls. It closed in 1932 due to financial difficulties brought on by the Depression. The College was located on Simcoe Street South, on the land now occupied by Oshawa Central Collegiate Institute and Village Union Public School. This 18-page booklet outlines the staff, curriculum, regulations, and fees.
The Collegiate and Vocational Institute, Oshawa, Ontario: Formal Opening
Opened in 1910, the Oshawa High School emerged as a Collegiate Institute in 1924. This booklet commemorates the official 1930 opening of the school, after much building and renovation, as a Collegiate and Vocational Institute. It includes names of administration and staff, details of the courses of study offered, and photographs of the school's interior.

Today the school is known as O'Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute and is located on the same site.

Demill Ladies' College (Oshawa, Ont.) – Commencement Exercises, June 17, 19, 20, 21, 1892
This institution was founded and opened February 1, 1876, by Rev. Alfred Byron Demill. The successful college survived only 20 years, being destroyed by fire in 1896. It was located on the east side of what is now Park Road, just north of where the 401 is today. This area is still referred to as College Hill.
Eleventh Annual Calendar of Demill Ladies' College, Oshawa, Ont.: For the Collegiate Year 1887-88
Ontario Ladies' College Commencement Exercises – June 12-17, 1887
Opened in Whitby in 1874 under the jurisdiction of the Methodist Church, this college offered a diploma and matriculation for university entrance.
1916-1917 Vernon's County Directory
Contains listings for the counties of Durham, Haliburton, Northumberland, Ontario, Peterborough, and Victoria.
1921 Oshawa City Directory
The Reformer Printing & Publishing Company Ltd.
Oshawa, still a town in 1921, had a population of 13,000. This volume embraces the area of Greater Oshawa, including a separate street listing for Cedar Dale.
1923 Vernon's Oshawa & Whitby City Directory
1924 Vernon's City of Oshawa Directory

1926 Vernonís City of Oshawa Directory
1928 Vernon's City of Oshawa Directory

1929 Vernonís City of Oshawa Directory
The County of Ontario Directory
Published and compiled by Connor and Coltson (1869)
At that time, the County of Ontario, which included Oshawa, extended from Lake Ontario, north to the Severn River. It was bordered by the Counties of Durham and Victoria on the east, and on the west by the County of York.
Directory of the Counties of Grey, Ontario, and Simcoe
The Union Publishing Company's of Ingersoll farmers' and business directory for the Counties of Grey, Ontario, and Simcoe.
Rural Mail Directory, Oshawa and Surrounding Districts
This 52-page booklet lists all rural households in Oshawa and the surrounding communities on four different rural routes. Includes many local advertisements.
Entertainment in OshawaTop
A.Y.M.C. Sixth Annual Minstrel Show Programme
Held at St. George's Church on February 26, 27, and 28, 1930.
The Chuckles of 1929

A Canadian Edition of the Russian Chauve Souris. Presented by the Ladies' Auxiliary of the Oshawa General Hospital on October 29 and 30, 1929.
Ice Frolics of 1945

Programme from the fifth annual ice show presented by the Oshawa Skating Club.
Ice Frolics of 1947

Programme from the seventh annual ice show presented by the Oshawa Skating Club.
Ice Frolics of 1948

Programme from the eighth annual ice show presented by the Oshawa Skating Club.
Ice Frolics of 1950

Programme from the tenth annual ice show presented by the Oshawa Skating Club.
Oshawa Little Theatre: First Season
Oshawa Little Theatre: Second Season
General Local HistoryTop
Bye-Laws of the Municipality of the Village of Oshawa
By-laws of the County of Ontario
By-laws of the Council of the Corporation of the County of Ontario: from the time of its inception in January 1854 to the 1st of July 1905.
Commercial and Industrial Edition of Oshawa, Whitby, Pickering and Port Perry, Ontario
A descriptive review of a number of flourishing manufacturing and mercantile businesses located in Oshawa, Whitby, Pickering, and Port Perry.
County of Ontario historical souvenir
Golden Jubilee of Essex Lodge
Instituted on October 12, 1876, Essex Lodge No. 4 was one of the oldest Sons of England Benefit Society Lodges in Canada.
Historic Sketches of Oshawa
by Dr. T. E. Kaiser (1921)
A well-written history of Oshawa by one of the community's respected citizens. Focusing mainly on industry and a variety of early Oshawa pioneers, the book covers the years from the late 1790s until 1920.
History of the Early Settlement of Bowmanville and Vicinity
by J. T. (John T.) Coleman (1875)
Early settlers of Bowmanville, Darlington, Clarke, and surrounding country, with sketches of the habits and customs of the aborigines, and a synopsis of the zoology indigenous to this area of Canada.
Jubilee Celebration of Oshawa (Programme)
The Manchester of Canada: Oshawa Illustrated
Containing a comprehensive and historical review of Oshawa and biographical sketches of prominent citizens.
Ontario County
by J. E. Farewell (1907)
A compilation of information on the early settlement of Ontario County. Includes information on some early pioneers of each community and detailed information regarding County Council.
Oshawa, Ontario: A Convention and Tourist Centre
(ca. 1939)
Oshawa's History: Historical Sketch
by Mayor T. E. Kaiser, M.D. (1908)
Divided into Five Periods: First Possessors of the Land Around our Celebrated Four Corners, Industrial Foundation, Pioneers who Should be Remembered, the Early Press, Some Personal Factors.
A Reminiscence of the Early Days
by Mrs. David Fleming of Cobourg (1960)
A reprint from the Cobourg Sentinel-Star, published by the Oshawa and District Historical Society.
Reminiscences and Recollections
by Dr. D. S. Hoig (1933)
Referred to as the author's memoirs, this book recollects the early days of Oshawa and relates stories of some of the characters and events of the community.
Samuel Pedlar Manuscript
Transcribed from a microfilm of the original
by Sharon Stark & Margaret Egerer (1970)
This small collection consists of material collected and compiled by Samuel Pedlar (brother of the founder of Pedlar People, a prominent Oshawa industrial establishment). It covers the period from 1790-1904.
Town of Oshawa Summary of Reports upon Water Works and Sewerage
Health in OshawaTop
Doctors of Ontario County
edited by Dr. T. E. Kaiser (1934)
A history of the medical profession of the County of Ontario. Edited by T. E. Kaiser under the auspices of the Ontario County Medical Association.
Oshawa General Hospital – Official Opening of New Wing
Oshawa General Hospital – School of Nursing
(ca. 1960)
A course calendar outlining the requirement for admission and graduation, as well as a brief history of the hospital and a listing of its administration and Board of Directors.
Oshawa General Hospital School of Nursing Yearbook: The Pulse 1960

The Oshawa Hospital's School of Nursing was established in 1910, the same year the hospital itself was opened; the first class graduated in 1911. By the 1970s, demand had grown too great to sustain, and the entire program was moved to Durham College. Also check out Oshawa Images for more images from the Nursing School.
The Pulse 1961

The Pulse 1962

The Pulse 1963

The Pulse 1963

The Pulse 1964

The Pulse 1965

The Pulse 1966

The Pulse 1967

The Pulse 1968

The Pulse 1969

The Pulse 1970

The Pulse 1971

The Pulse 1972

A Short History of the Oshawa General Hospital
by Marie Heffernan (1935)
Library HistoryTop
The Official Opening of the McLaughlin Public Library
Oshawa Public Library Agreement
A signed agreement by a patron for the privilege of taking books from the library.
The 116th Battalion in France
by The Adjutant (1921)
The 116th Battalion was recruited and fostered in the County of Ontario and led to France by an officer of the 34th Regiment.
Armistice 1929: Drumhead Service, Alexandra Park, Sunday November 19th, 3 p.m.

Joint parade of the 34th (Ontario) Regiment and Canadian Legion of British Empire Services League (BESL), Branch No. 43, Oshawa.
History of the 11th Canadian Armoured Regiment: (The Ontario Regiment) in the Field, 1939-1945
compiled by Major J. E. Slinger, D. McNichol (1945)
Royal Canadian Air Force Memories Scrapbook
(March 1986)
This book has information about the Oshawa-area men and women who joined the service and, in many cases, lost their lives while serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force. An index to the names of those in the book is available on our site, as well.
The Remembered: The Students, Graduates and Staff of the Oshawa Collegiate and Vocational Institute who Served in the Second World War, 1939-1945.
On December 21, 1949, a Memorial Arch was unveiled at OCVI to perpetuate the names of those of their students who served in WWII. This booklet contains all the names from that memorial.
Those who Gave the Supreme Sacrifice
As listed by the Oshawa Times-Gazette on May 7, 1945, and on the Cenotaph in Memorial Park
Oshawa FamiliesTop
Memoir of Rev. Thomas Henry
by Mrs. P. Henry (1880)
Christian minister, York pioneer, and soldier of 1812.
Notes on the Life of the Late Mr. Robert McLaughlin
by Adelaide McLaughlin (1932)
Religious Life in OshawaTop
The Edward Carswell Memorial Tower and Bells
St. George's Memorial Church Bells.
St. Andrew's United Church, Oshawa, 1833-1933

A century of progress and spiritual service.
St. George's Church Parade
The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada and the Ontario Regiment: At St. George's Church, Oshawa, Sunday, October 4th, 1925.
St. George's Consecration
Consecrated Tuesday, September 12, 1944, by the Most Reverend D. T. Owen, D.D., Archbishop of Toronto, Primate of all Canada.